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Starting Monday 4/4/16

I just finished reading Alice Parker’s book, The Anatomy of Melody – Exploring the Single Line of Song, and have been completely inspired by her words. She not only offers wisdom regarding rehearsal and composition, but about the life and importance of music. I highly recommend it, and it’s a quick read.

I loved this quote because as musicians, I think we all agree on the truth in her words. There is something truly special about singing in a choir. My participation in a college choir is what changed my career path to pursuing the choral arts…it was a constant experience that I couldn’t live without. Perhaps you have needed reminding of this, or maybe your students do. Being a part of an ensemble is a beautiful thing.

Which brings me to my next point! You may have noticed some differences in the appearance of my blog today (or if this is your first time visiting, THANKS! and not much has changed!) regarding the title of my blog and such. After participating in a blog challenge by Jeff Goins, I have changed the point of view of my blog. I have struggled with how to find an overarching theme for all of my posts, and through that process I discovered it. The Ensemble Life my way of writing about not only topics in music education and creativity, but about life and the world. Tomorrow’s post will be more about that, so stay tuned!

Until then, start your week reminding yourself the joy of being in or directing an ensemble. Singing with others is a gift, and we often forget to acknowledge that in the classroom!


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