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“To me YES, AND means don’t be afraid to contribute. Always make sure you’re adding something to the discussion. Your initiations are worthwhile.” – Tina Fey

We are going to start the week with a quote from my idol, Tina Fey. It needs a little bit of explaining, though.

“Yes, and…” is an improvisational comedy rule where when two people are in a scene and Person A makes a statement, Person B is supposed to go with it and not totally reject it as the amateurs do. For examples:

(The right way)

Person A: Dude, I can’t believe that dog just stole my wallet!

Person B: I know! And it’s even weirder because I took all your money out of it this morning to get Starbucks, so why would it want it?!

(The wrong way)

Person A: Dude, I can’t believe that dog just stole my wallet!

Person B: How could it have done that? There’s no way it could have opened your purse!

While the above example doesn’t use the words “Yes, and…” it still follows the rule. Just go with it!

In Bossypants, Tina talks a lot about improv and writing, and this quote just stood out to me. (In fact, I wrote a blog post about it a while ago!)

Sometimes, we are afraid to offer suggestions or ideas when we are with colleagues or administrators. Maybe you have a possible solution to a problem, or maybe you have a new class you’d like to teach that the school has never had. Or, maybe someone else has an idea but you know how to implement it most effectively. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to contribute! Whether it’s well-received or completely ignored, at least you have ownership in the conversation! Collaboration is often feared and dreaded, but I think it’s when the best ideas come to fruition!

Encourage your students to contribute in class and rehearsal, push yourself to collaborate, and have a great week!



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