TwitterPostIconThe idea of your first interview can be a little scary, but alas, did you know you could find all of the comfort you needed right in your virtual backyard? It’s true!

When I set up my first interview, I immediately rushed to Twitter and asked the #MusEdChat community for tips and advice.

Joe Guarr responded and provided me a list of sample interview questions that he compiled on his blog. It’s an AWESOME list of questions. I sat with them for a while putting my answers in a word document, just to give myself time to think about my answers and keep them in my mind for the interview. He also provided a list of questions for you, the interviewee, to ask. Definitely a great resource! Check it out!

Another reason why Twitter is great, folks!

Now that I have completed the interview, my advice to anyone going on their first interview is as follows:

1. Arrive early! I got there about a half hour early and sat in my car until 15 minutes before my interview time. It was good to sit and collect my thoughts before I went into the school, and it’s way better than being right on time or rushed…or late!

2. Know what you are wearing the day before! Try it on! It’s frightening if you realize the shoes you are wearing are not going to allow you to survive walking into the building, or if your clothes don’t fit like they used to! Be comfortable and professional…the best combination!

3. Check out the above interview questions and answer them. You never know what you will be asked! Bring questions to ask as well!

4. Research the school motto, read their handbook if it’s online, look at the history of the school, etc.

5. Be confident, friendly, and bring any materials with you that you feel may be important, such as a resume or philosophy of music education.


Now, I can’t say for sure if these things worked for me as far as getting the job, but I do know they helped my comfort level, and that I felt good coming out of the interview regardless of the outcome. It was definitely a positive experience!

Best of luck to any of you readers going on your first interview! You’ll be great!