First of all, thanks for all of the support with The Room I Found! If you haven’t checked it out, visit the Store link on the menu, or check it out on iTunes!

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to play a few songs from the album at an event called “Friday Night Music” which was birthed by some members of the church I go to here in Charleston. It’s basically a night for any artists, musicians, writers, or other kinds of creators to share their work and create a sense of community. It’s really a lot of fun!

FNMOne of the songs on the album, “Maggie’s Song,” was inspired by one of the girls I met at a Bible study last year. It was my first time going, and everyone seemed to gravitate towards her, and it made me think of other people I have met throughout my life that had a similar effect on people. For the full, and slightly comical rendition of the story, check out this video:

So naturally, this girl, Maggie, was there Friday night, and I was more than terrified to play the song! Seriously, how creepy am I? “Hi…I wrote this song about you even though I don’t really know you…but I hope you like it!”

Her response was what every song writer only dreams of hearing: “That blessed me so much!”

That’s why I write music. I write to relate to people. I write to help people. I write to help myself. I write to inspire. I write to praise. I write to heal. I write to say, “I know I feel this, and I know you may as well.” I love unspoken conversation like that.

That’s why I write songs, and it will always be that way.