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Video Recommendation: Arts & The Mind

If you have an hour to kill and want some arts inspiration in your life, this is your video series.

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I’ll admit I came across this video completely by accident. In fact, I wasn’t even perusing arts material. If you want the honest truth, I was reading through Lisa Kudrow’s tweets (because I’m that weird of a FRIENDS fan) and she posted that she narrated this documentary. I’m not sure which is the added bonus, that the video is about the arts or that Lisa Kudrow narrates…but regardless, I watched it and it was highly interesting.

Some questions that came to mind when I was viewing:

  • In general, are current teachers encouraging or discouraging creativity in our classrooms?
  • How do we encourage creativity in an already creative subject area? 

I’m eager to watch the second episode, “The Art of Connection.” I bet it’s just as interesting!


Watch Creativity on PBS. See more from Arts & The Mind.

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