If you are anything like myself, a to-do list is the only way to make it through the week without royally screwing something up. If it isn’t on the list, it isn’t happening. Or on occasion, if it is on the list, it will get done eventually


Since becoming an Apple disciple, I’ve tried the majority of all the free productivity apps to see which one I like best. My criteria for a good app is as follows:

1. It gives me the freedom to create different lists or categories to assign tasks to.
2. It allows me to sync between my mac and iPhone.
3. It lists my tasks in the order of their due date.
4. It doesn’t freeze, shut down, lose my tasks, or ruin my life.

I gave three apps a real chance, meaning I used them for at least two weeks before moving on to another. Some I used for longer periods, semesters even. All of them have really good qualities, but they all had one or two flaws that I couldn’t 100% forgive.

Then I got my iPad, and my criteria changed. I wanted one app that will sync will all three of my devices. Unfortunately, there was only one free app that would do that, and the syncing was problematic.

Enter, Weave.

I had been using Weave on my phone for a while for project based to-dos, namely during the recording and production of my album. A unique feature of Weave is that it tracks income and expenses for each project. I was able to track my monthly album sales in both digital and physical mediums. It was awesome.

I installed the app on my iPad and found that the syncing capabilities were flawless between my iOS devices. I decided that I could easily use Weave as my project management and to-do list app, because it is so user friendly and well organized. My previous categories from other apps became their own “projects.” Here is a screen shot of all my projects:


My original projects on the app are “TRIF (My album, The Room I Found), “Writing, ” and “Arrangements.” Basically, I tracked my income from each of these projects, as well as created to-do tasks within each one. Now I have added all my categories from previous productivity apps. I have a to purchase project, personal, my private lesson earnings/preparation, bill paying (because you can track expenses too!), and website tasks. Once I am teaching I am sure I will add a project or two for that as well! Gosh, I’m smiling just looking at it! Oh the productivity glory!

Still not sold? It even sends a push notification (if you allow it!) on your iPhone in the morning if you have something to complete, or if you haven’t done anything in a few days. 🙂

The only catch? There is no desktop app for Mac. But you know, I am extremely forgiving of that because I always have my iPad or iPhone around, and I’m happy enough with all of the other stellar features to not have it in my computer. (You can always go to the Weave website and login for a watered-down version of your to-do list). It’s just that great!

So there you have it, Weave. What are you using Weave for? What do you want to use Weave for? Leave a comment!