Isn’t it great that I still care about my loyal readers while I’m on my honeymoon? Actually, I wrote this a week ago and scheduled the post to appear today, because I’m that much of a blog ninja. I’m probably sitting in the sun drinking a daiquiri, and you are most likely not, because you are reading my blog.

Since I am honeymooning and loved every second of my wedding, I thought I would post a review of other weddings I’ve attended that I posted on a private blog I was using to keep my writing on the DL. Aka, I was scared to start a blog…but it’s cool, I’m here now, right? The post was titled, “The First Wedding I Liked.”

To help paint the picture, I should provide a brief description of the girl I used to be.

To all of my friends who claimed they were madly in love with their boyfriends in high school and the beginning of college, I thought you were crazy. To all of my friends’ boyfriends, I usually pretended to like you but really didn’t think you were good enough for my friend. To the southern belles getting married right out of college, I thought you were literally stupid and ruining/ending your life. I really do apologize, except for the select few boyfriends who were actually not good enough for my friends who have since been let go. I was certainly right about some of you!

Now, I see relationships and love in a new light, probably because I am in one and it’s awesome. Regardless, I see everyone else’s relationships in a new light too. I now see the real companionship and devotion to one another. I now see the fun in learning how to be a good mate. Most of all, I finally understand what this whole love thing is all about. Aw….shucks. 🙂

One of the very first weddings I attended ever was almost 4 years ago. I had little expectations, and was really just excited to see what this whole wedding craze everyone was so jazzed about. Aside from the fact that my date was unwilling to dance with me, it was…interesting. I knew people there, the food was OK, there was no alcohol, the DJ played most of the right stuff, and both the bride and groom blubbered their impromptu vows through sloppy crying. Not cute. Basically, it was pretty weird and I am giving it more credit than it deserves. Sorry I’m not sorry…

The second wedding I ever attended was a couple months later. I didn’t personally know the couple, but my date was in the wedding party so I was seeing weddings through a new lens. The ceremony was beautiful, for sure. It was pretty cute actually, because the couple met swing dancing, so they had a swing dancing lesson before the bridal party arrived. I swang (I know that’s wrong, I just think it sounds better/cooler. SWANG) danced with my date’s roommate (since he was taking pictures, not because I’m a jerk), and it was a lot of fun. They had a coffee and hot chocolate bar since it was winter and almost Christmas to enjoy while you waited for the bridal party, another plus. I honestly can’t remember the food, there was again no alcohol, the music was fun, and my date still wouldn’t dance with me.

My third wedding was for one of my friends, and I got to be a BRIDESMAID. Shut the front door. I was a bridesmaid. After seeing the movie with the same title, I really couldn’t have been more excited, minus the fact that I knew that it would be nothing like the movie because that would be all kinds of inappropriate, but still. Very excited.

I really should have taken a course in Being a Bridesmaid 101, because I literally had no idea what was expected of me. I often texted the bride to find out protocol on showers and gifts and whatnot, and I even showed up at the wrong place for the wrong event. My b.

This wedding had delicious food, great music, great people, my date (which was Kyle!) danced with me and very well if I do say so myself, and I welled up with tears for almost the entire ceremony. Seriously. I didn’t think that would happen either, because I’m not much of a cryer. Well, I wasn’t much of a cryer then. I cry at most weddings now.

So what makes a great wedding? I’ve been to a bunch now, and excluding my own, (since we are bias to think our own wedding was the best ever, which mine was indeed) how do we decide what a great wedding looks like?

Nothing that I have mentioned. Not the food, the alcohol, or the music. I’m learning that it involves 2 factors:

1. You love one or both of the bride and groom.

2. The married couple exemplifies true love. Meaning, you know they were made for each other, and nothing about them creeps you out or makes you think they are weird. You know that there are couples in your life who you can’t deny love each other but they scare you in ways you can only describe as “Yikes” or “Ew.”

How fun it is to watch two people who you know love each other to pieces say “I do”?? Super fun, if you actually didn’t know the answer to that. I have two weddings to attend in the next year and I just can’t wait. Not only because weddings are super fun and I love a dance floor, but because I can’t wait to see my friends start their lives with their future husbands and have the dream day they have been planning forever. (Just a quick aside, when I typed the word “planning” I literally shivered. That could be a whole new bag of blog posts right there. If you can’t tell by my tone, I am anti wedding planning.)

So there you have it. Some brief sarcasm and wit intertwined with actual lovey-dovey feelings, from yours truly. To all of you who have been married before me, I secretly, and now publicly, admire your relationships and thank you for setting such a great example. Minus my minor cluttering habits and leaving things “not in their place,” Kyle and I are doing just fine. 🙂