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Week 1 of Grad School and Newsletter Update!

Well, folks. It’s been one full week of being a PhD student, and so far I am loving it! It’s been a unique change of pace, and certainly a major role change. I almost feel like being a teacher has made me a better student. I definitely appreciate education in a new way, and I am excited to learn and better myself!

My classes are pretty interesting and varied, for sure. First, Kyle and I are both in Music Theory and Music History Review courses to prepare for qualifying exams this fall. Those exams HAVE TO BE PASSED in order to stay in the program, so no pressure. I’m glad we have those classes together so we study together. 

Since our classes started on a Wednesday, I haven’t had my Tuesday classes yet. (Though, by the time you’re reading this, I may have…who knows!) Today I’ll have my first doctoral seminar that will prepare me for future research projects, and most likely my dissertation. Later this evening I have Psychology of Music, which really sounds super cool. I’m excited to get all geeky about that one.

And of course, choir. We’re singing a lot of great music this year, and I’m excited to be exposed to new repertoire, as well as experience familiar pieces with a new conductor. 

Here are some other first week feelings:

  1. I’m pretty darn tired. I usually experience the first week of teaching after summer vacation, but this tired is more of an information overload combined with getting back in a routine of waking up early and being active all day. I’m hoping this goes away, or lessens.
  2. Conductors are spoiled with podiums. Guys, my left arm hurt after the first 3 hours of choir rehearsals from holding that stupid folder. I don’t know if that speaks to my poor physical shape, or if that’s just a muscle I haven’t used in a while (aka, still physical shape), but I felt pain that evening. I’d kill for that music stand again! Actually, while I miss the podium, I really am enjoying being in the choir again. 
  3. We very rarely use a piano in rehearsal. This has been a complete revelation for me, and I think if I decided to go back to teaching high school choir tomorrow, I would completely revamp my literacy instruction. What amazing training for your ear!


In other news, I’ve released 2 newsletters from my blog! If you are wondering what it’s like, it’s basically a curation of music articles in various fields, repertoire suggestions, and entertaining videos, and will probably evolve into more! I’ve gotten some great feedback, too! Here’s a quote from a reader: “Interesting breadth of topics and media, very readable length and style, and beautiful design. Well Done!”

I’d love for you to subscribe! It comes out every Monday morning to give you some material for the week, whether to share with students, converse about with friends, or for your own personal amusement. The hope is to provide resources and introduce you to topics worth exploring. 

Next week’s post will return to our usual content! I figured I’d chime in with some real-life posts at least once a month, especially when classes are more involved and my brain is absorbing all kinds of new thoughts and ideas. 😉

See you next week!



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