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What I Have Been Doing Instead Of Updating My Blog

Hello, you loyal-but-kind-of-forgot-you-were-a-loyal-reader readers,

I know you were really excited about my blog, I was too. I still am. I have just been busy. Sort of.

The last time I wrote I was on my way into the lowest depression of my life: Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Starvation. Yes, there were times when Kyle and I would be eating dinner and I would start crying because I was so hungry and couldn’t eat all the foods I wanted. I began hating mashed potatoes and ice cream, foods nobody hates. I drank an iced hazelnut macchiato from Starbucks WITHOUT A STRAW. Who does that? No one, minus the people who are instructed not to for two week so they don’t get dry sockets.  Guess who got extremely painful dry sockets anyway? This girl.

Anyway, that phase of life was over in about 10 days, and I was back to normal getting my choir singing folk in gear for the school year. This semester I have 3 choirs, a total of 90 kiddos. That’s 30 more kiddos than last year. So far, the semester has been pretty fantastic musically. I’ve picked ridiculously ambitious repertoire for my Concert Choir (our top ensemble) and they are doing pretty well with it…and I’m pretty sure they actually like it, so that’s a fun feeling. I also have a women’s choir that you would think would be Drama City, but they actually love each other way more than they should. It’s awesome and kind of weird. Girl power to them, I guess. My freshmen choir is enormous and full of a lot of post-lunch-period energy, but they sound awesome so I’m excited to see them grow into true high school singers this year.

Also, I just took 16 students to audition for All State Choir a couple days ago, and as I was walking out, one of the coordinators told me that I am doing really great work, and that the judges were impressed with my students. I literally almost cried at the registration desk. Maybe I should have titled this post “All the Times I Have Cried Since August.” Now, I’m not telling you this to brag or make you think I’m exceptionally wonderful at teaching children to sing, because I am a mediocre singer at best. Lately I’ve been feeling super uncreative and not-artistic at all. I haven’t written music in almost two years, which makes me want to weep again.  Hearing some validation that I am doing productive, creative work kind of re-lit my creative fire. (What a stupid saying…it always makes me think of that song “Come on baby light my fire,” which is also stupid…) Of course, once I see the results of the auditions I’ll either feel even better or I will think I was lied to. Hoping for excellent results, while still feeling reward enough from those kind words.

If I am being honest, I’m only updating my blog because I just finished reading Mindy Kaling’s book, which was hilarious and witty. While I have no idea what the content of my future book will hold, I do know that I would like it to be as awesome as Mindy Kaling’s. And Tina Fey’s. And Amy Poehler’s…I haven’t read hers yet, but I already know it’s awesome.

I really have nothing else of real value to share with you. This should carry you over until the next post, whenever that may be. Oh, how the suspense must be killing you!


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