I promise, it’s on the way!

I had a few artwork/layout problems during the duplication process, but I am fairly sure those are all ironed out and I should be receiving my CDs within the next week! Crossing my fingers that everything turns out correctly!

But hey, want to see the album cover? I had to change the cover from my original artwork (which was also cool!) due to the template requirements, so I was forced to start from scratch. My friend Jenna Buesser from back in the day, like maybe 4th grade, responded to a Facebook ad I put up looking for a graphic designer for this project, and I’m SO happy with the results! Check out her website: http://jennabuesser.com. She totally rocks. Here’s the final cover:

Like it? Check out my photographer’s blog!!

Now we play the waiting game for the CDs, then once we get those we get them up on iTunes! Make sure you join my mailing list if you want a free single emailed to you prior to the album release! Physical copies will be available at live performances, and hopefully I will decide soon which online store to utilize for distribution. Let me know if you have any suggestions for that!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!