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Why I Unsubscribed From All Email Lists

If you read a lot about blogging and email marketing, the first thing they all tell you to do is build an email list, as it is one of the most “personal” connections you can make with readers. And so, I created said email list. It’s right there, to the right below my picture. —->

I have subscribed to SEVERAL email lists over the last couple years. They were almost like signing up to receive free knowledge or free resources in your inbox, and that was very exciting to me! How easy was that? These bloggers were sending me content outside of their regular blog content to me, because I asked for it. Please, and thank you!

Before I knew it, I was waking up to over 20 emails from all of my subscriptions. I started out briefly scanning them and then deleting them shortly after. Eventually, I rarely opened any at all. In fact, I created a rule in my Apple Mail so that all of those subscriptions would go into one folder just so they wouldn’t clutter my “real” email (you know, coupons and such). When the number beside that folder became too large for my liking, I selected all and deleted all without hesitation.

This week I started unsubscribing from any blogger/email subscription that I have been deleting by default. What I realized was this:

I had already gotten what I wanted from them when I exchanged my email address for their product or exclusive content.

I read their free ebook, and I took their free course, and they were awesome and helpful. For some of those bloggers, I have even purchased some of their other products over the years, and really do enjoy and support their work. But the emails are becoming clutter, and I had to end it!

Similarly, I became one of those bloggers. I set up an email list (like I was instructed to!) and created a weekly newsletter. I really enjoyed writing it and finding new content each week to share with my subscribers, but as time went on, I began to question if I was becoming a deleted email as well. The statistics showed that my emails were being opened, so that was great, but was I creating content just to keep them engaged with my own blog, or was I adding to the email pollution?

Last month, I decided to change the format of my newsletter and make it a monthly publication. In fact, it’s coming out tomorrow if you’d like to subscribe, but I totally understand if you don’t want to! Really, I do! However, the purpose of my email list is not just to send you a monthly newsletter of music content around the web. It’s to share my music and other projects with you!

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • An SSAA and piano setting of a Christina Rossetti text. I’m really excited for how it is turning out thus far.
  • An ebook for music educators about how to mix music instruction and character education into your curriculum.
  • I have had Album #2 or EP #1 in the works for years now and have yet to record. It’s on my summer to-do list, but then again, it’s always on my summer to-list. I figure if I proclaim it to the interwebs, I will feel more pressure to make it a tangible item.

And of course, I’ll continue blogging like I usually do!

I’m sure a lot of blogging professionals and email marketers will disagree with my deleting spree, and that’s OK! It’s still working for them, and it really does give them a better connection with their readers. It’s just not how I function!

So, feel free to subscribe to my email list! Or, feel free to visit the blog without subscribing! Whatever keeps you reading and listening and happy, makes me happy! 🙂

What is your preferred medium of reader engagement? Leave a comment below, or continue the conversation on Twitter @LindsayBrazell.

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