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Wisdom Teeth Wisdom

It was always a dream of mine to never get my wisdom teeth out and that they would stay in my mouth forever, problem-free. Unfortunately, those dreams were crushed on Monday when I visited the dentist in quite a bit of pain.

Teachers had to be back to work on Wednesday, with school starting this coming Tuesday, so really this was exceptionally poor timing. Not the wisest teeth I’ve ever met.

So I cried pretty much all of Monday afternoon since I’ve never had surgery and am a general weeny when it comes to pain. My husband took me to Starbucks and CVS to pick up my temporary pain meds to cheer me up. It worked.

The next few days I spent hearing wisdom teeth tales, and none of them seemed to freak me out. Even some of my students, who first mocked me that I still had my wisdom teeth, had painless stories and told me I would be fine. I started feeling calm and almost comfortable with the idea that this was actually going to happen to me.

Thursday morning I woke up and had a slow morning with Kyle, watching him drink coffee and eat toast with my favorite jam while I starved and watched the Today Show. When 10:15 rolled around we got in the car and made our 3 minute drive to the oral surgeon. I gave him instructions that when I come out of loopy land to call my parents and let them know I survived, and that I wanted a lot of pudding and ice cream.

We walked in, signed the papers, paid (while internally weeping at the cost of it…) and I listened to one song in the waiting room (Bye Bye Bye to be exact…not comforting) and then they summoned me. The nurse took me back and put the oxygen thing in my nose, which on tv looks like it goes really far up your nose, but alas, it does not. She then did the whole IV thing, which I told her was also brand new to me and that I was not a fan of needles. She told me not to look, so I didn’t. In fact, when the surgeon came in on that side I barely looked at him for fear of looking at my arm and passing out.

Next, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles came on and I was suddenly comfortable and at peace again. That, and he had put the sleepy time stuff in my IV so that’s pretty much the last thing I remember.

I woke up in a different room in a different chair, and it is still a mystery to me as to how I was relocated there. My mouth felt huge and when the nurse came back I best signed/asked her what was in my mouth. It was a bunch of gause. Cool. Kyle then appeared and I assumed that I was done and going home. The surgeon came in to say goodbye and I signed/asked Kyle to take a picture of him, and just of him…not of me. I later told Kyle it was because the surgeon was good looking and he has not sent me the picture…so that was that.

I barely remember the car ride home, and when we arrived I think my very loving, caring, and better looking husband (please forgive me!) replaced the gause in my mouth. What a guy. Then I think I slept.

Today I am feeling groggy but have yet to feel pain, so that’s awesome. I had planned to do some work from home today, but that didn’t really happen as I am still in bed, and writing this blog, for you, lovely reader(s).

So I’m going to go back to punishing myself by watching the food network and carry on with my day. I hope your Friday has been lovely and pain-free and full of chicken and pie and mozzarella sticks.

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