IMG_0677Ok, huge confession right now: I journal. And I have been since I was like…10.

Yes, during the middle school years it was that kind of journaling. The embarrassing kind. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The “OMG he is cute so I hope he likes me” and the “UGH my parents make me so mad I’m going to sit and pout in my room for 2 days” kind of journaling.

Before we moved, I was quick to throw those journals away once I found them buried in my closet. I’m way too embarrassed by them. Luckily, I have a fantastic memory to retain all that those journals held. And no, I will not tell you anymore.

However, my journal these days is something I am more proud of, and am far more willing to admit that, yes, I do in fact journal. I also get really offended when people call it a “Diary.” “IT’S A JOURNAL,” I scream. It’s right up there with the word, “panties.” JUST SAY UNDERWEAR, PEOPLE.

Getting off topic. Deep breaths.

I love journaling, for a number of reasons. For one thing, I love documenting life and processes. That’s why I started my album blog. It also explains my love for searching YouTube for “behind the scenes” footage for my favorite movies and TV shows. I love watching the process as much as I love the final product. Good thing, because a music teacher has a lot more rehearsals than performances!

I read this article on Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day, and it brought me comfort that people outwardly support journaling. (Not that it’s taboo or anything, it’s just not something people talk about…it’s personal!) It made me think about how beneficial journaling can be in any profession. I think reflection is an important practice in anyone’s personal or professional success, and journaling is the perfect medium for that.

Which perfectly segues into my next item: tomorrow I will have my first guest post on my blog! During my participation in the 15 Day Challenge issued by Jeff Goins, one of the daily tasks was to seek guest post opportunities and to recruit for guest posts on your own site. Susie Finney responded to my post, and ironically, we decided on the topic of journaling. She has it down to a science! I’ll be posting her guide to journaling tomorrow, so look forward to that!

Some General Wonderments

I’m interested in hearing about different journaling journeys, particularly in the professional world. What do you use your journal for? How frequently do you write? Feel free to comment and share!