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Lindsay Brazell is a high school choral director by day, and a singer-songwriter by night. Her music has been described as having “Beatles-like chord progressions with real, relatable lyrics.” She has been deemed “One to Watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and has had several original songs accepted into local and national songwriting competitions. 

A performance by Lindsay feels like you’re at a gathering of mutual friends, and you leave with Lindsay as your new favorite pal whether she knows it or not. The combination of friendly banter, diverse songs in style and arrangement, and the need to socialize after every show (somehow her husband ends up packing up gear alone as Lindsay ends every show lost in the crowd socializing…oops!), will leave you feeling like you were entertained and reunited with old friends.



“Lindsay Brazell is one inspiring woman. This fantastic Indie-Folk artist from Simpsonville in South Carolina, is back with her new song called ”Placeholder”. This is a statement song with a beautiful melody and a real message for both young and old….With a soothing voice, thought out lyrics with meaning and soul, ”Placeholder” deserves a place in our hearts and ears. This is a beautifully crafted song that has a message that is needed in today’s society of quick love and being force-fed bad role models. Lindsay Brazell is the type of woman and inspiring energy that that kids need to be listening to during lunch breaks.” – Click here to read more.

A&R Factory

A bit of Music City has come to the Upstate in the past couple of months, but it’s not courtesy of a new album or concert. Instead, local singer, songwriter and educator Lindsay Brazell has launched the first South Carolina chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) right here in Greenville. Established in 1967, the NSAI is dedicated to protecting the rights of and serving aspiring and professional songwriters in all genres of music. The association is open to writers from all genres of music, with the mission of educating, elevating and celebrating the songwriter. Brazell, who’s been playing guitar and writing songs since she was in the eighth grade, first discovered the NSAI back in 2016 on a family trip to Nashville.”  – Click here to read more.

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