Brand New Site

Hey there folks!

Welcome to my new, and hopefully improved, website. I figured with new music coming out in a couple weeks, it was time to upgrade the interweb real estate.

As for my old blog posts, they are not erased forever, but they are living in a little archived file on my computer for now. I may decide down the road to revive my teacher blog posts to a new space, but for now, they are safely resting in my iCloud.

I'd love for you to be a part of my new single release on February 5th, so be sure to get on my mailing list this week so you can be in the know. Just scroll down and enter your email address and click "Subscribe." I promise, I don't email very much.

Until then, take a look around, make sure you are following all the social medias, and enjoy this beautiful day.

We'll talk soon.

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