Lindsay's Picks - July

Welcome to the rebirth of Lindsay's Picks, a short little post about things I'm enjoying this month! I used to do this as part of my newsletter, but why not let all the peoples enjoy it?

Each month I'll share AT LEAST:

  1. A product, piece of gear, a must-have musical THING, etc. I've recently started doing reviews for different companies on Amazon and the hobby has turned into a little bit of a sickness, but it's really fun! I figure if it is educational for me, someone else may find it that way as well.

  2. A playlist. I love discovering new music, and I make myself a playlist each month consisting of new albums/artists and old favorites that I typically listen to in the car. Each month I'm going to curate only 3 Albums, because I think any more than that could end up with songs unheard, and nobody likes that! :) And I will admit, I do sprinkle in a few of my songs in there too. ;) Gotta get those streams!

Beyond those two items, who knows what we will find.

So, here are my picks for July!


I recently dove into the world of guitar pedals now that I have been playing electric for a year, and I came across Flamma Innovations. Their pedals are visually appealing, and they sound pretty cool too!

The first one I tried is this Flamma FC05 Mini Modulation Pedal.

For such a small pedal, it has quite a few modulation effects: Chorus, Flange, Tremolo, Phase, Libra, Rotary, Liquid, Auto Wah, Stutt, Ring, and Low Bit. My favorite was the Auto Wah:

Definitely check this one out, and other pedals by Flamma, too! I have another that'll be reviewing in the near future that I'm really excited to try!


Here are your 3 albums for the month:

  1. Mercy Rising - Maia Sharp

  2. Himalayas - Scott Mulvahill

  3. Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morisette

I'm actually really embarrassed that it took me this long to discover the full album from Alanis, because it does have so many of her hit songs, but man, the non-single songs are just as good! Classic Alanis angst, you'll love it.

Maia Sharp is a great songwriter and has been a mentor over the last few years, and her latest album is literally perfect. I know people object to the word "literally," but it actually is perfect. You'll see.

Scott Mulvahill is a double bass extraordinaire. I actually started following him on instagram because he posted cool videos of his bass playing, and when his album came out and I was committed as a full-time fan. Great song writing, dreamy voice, and as always, creative bass playing.

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

That's all for this month! Catch you in August!

NOTE: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That just means that if you click on them and end up making a purchase, I'll make a small commission. This is a small way to help fund my website and other musical projects.

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